JAM programs are for everyone! Whether your a rookie or a vet, you can find a program that works for you.

In our regions, we will offer recreational and intermediate skill level divisions for many of our leagues, and advanced level divisions for select sports. Skill levels offered will depend on demand for each season.

In our recreational level leagues, the focus is on having fun and getting active. Everyone is welcome! These leagues are open to players of all skill levels, and typically have a range of player experience. 

In our intermediate/advanced leagues, you can expect a higher level of skill and competitive spirit across the board. Fun and sportsmanship are still #1, but these divisions are great for teams that thrive on an extra challenge.

When creating ALL leagues, we look at the previous history and results of all teams that are signed up and we will rank teams accordingly. If we think your team is better suited to another skill level, you will likely hear from us about a registration adjustment. 

At the end of the day, we want to make sure everyone is set up for the best experience! 

We also offer clinics and one-day events where you can build up your skills in a specific sport or activity. Information for clinics is listed on the ‘Programs’ page of our website, and one-day events are listed on the ‘Events’ page. 


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