What is this: 

As of the Fall 2022 leagues, we are awarding winning teams with JAM credits that can be put toward future league play. 

Why did we make this change: 

For years we’ve done all kinds of different swag: shirts, socks, toques, pint glasses – you name it. The reality is that none of the options are universally appealing. Furthermore, our players have told us that they expect more from us in terms of environmental responsibility. Stop feeding the landfills! 

We are moving to credits for 2 main reasons: 

  1. Credits are something that has value for all winners. 
  2. Credits are much kinder to the environment. 

How will it work? 

Credits will be allocated at the winning TEAM level in 3 different value increments based on the average size of that league’s roster.  Said another way, an Indoor Court 4’s mixed basketball team will receive a smaller credit than a Mixed Softball outdoor 9’s team.  

Credit values are $75 for smaller roster teams / $125 for medium roster-sized teams / $175 for larger roster-sized teams.  

Once league winners are determined, the value of the winning credits will be applied to the Captain. In the event of an indy team win, the value of the credit will be split equally among the rostered players. 


  1. We may not play next season. Can we just take the cash?
    • Unfortunately no. The credits have no cash value and will not be offered as refunds. Credits are good for 18 months though so hopefully you’ll be able to join us again.  
  2. The credits came to me as the Team Captain but can I split it among individual players? People are playing on different teams next season.
    • No problem at all. Just let us know that you want to split the credit among your team and we will apply the individual credit value between your team's rostered players.  
  3. When do credits expire?
    • Your credits are good for 18 months.
  4. How do I use the credit? 
    • Once issued, credits can be applied to future registrations.
    • Credits cannot be retroactively applied to already completed registrations. 
  5. What about Awards Night?
    • We will not be hosting an Awards Night at this time.
    •   We will be revisiting what Awards Night looks like for future seasons.